Man Love

Ah, the joy you feel when you get the package you’ve been waiting for is sometimes hard to put into words. I’ve never done this, but I’m not ashamed to say I’ve definitely thought about it.


Yes. It’s happened. I’m back on World of Warcraft. For all those of you who said I’d be back, you were right. At least for seven days. Free week sent from Blizzard. We’ll see if it sticks…

New Venture

If you don’t get this week’s comic, go buy World of Warcraft! You say you’re broke? Ok, I’ll fill you in… In the game, the mage character uses magic to fight. They also have spells that are useful out of combat. One of these utility spells is called a portal. Mages create portals that will

Be Right Back!

When playing any online video game, it’s sometimes necessary to let others know when you’re going to step away from the game. Usually, it’s a restroom break or a chance to grab a drink. When you’ve got kids, the phrase be right back can mean a million different things. It doesn’t matter how much I get into


Ah, another year. Where the hell did 2007 go? Well, one of my resolutions that I’m sticking to is setting up this site and getting my webcomic going. Welcome to the the first issue! Let’s see how long I can keep this going… ~Mar Poopflinger Supreme