New Venture

If you don’t get this week’s comic, go buy World of Warcraft! You say you’re broke? Ok, I’ll fill you in…

In the game, the mage character uses magic to fight. They also have spells that are useful out of combat. One of these utility spells is called a portal. Mages create portals that will let his friends teleport from one part of the world to another. The two most important cities in World of Warcraft are Dalaran and Shattrath. If you don’t have a friend that’s a mage and need a portal, you have to go find one and pay him to open a portal for you. That’s where our friend Flamestriker comes in.

This week’s comic is also a gift to my friend Dave who plays Castanova on the Greymane server. He had a birthday recently and since I didn’t know what to get him, I offered to draw his character for him. He preferred to have him make a cameo in one of my strips, so there you go. Happy Birthday!